References are usually not included as part of the résumé itself. It is better to provide a separate list of references. If thereís room on the résumé, some people will place a one-line statement, such as "References Available Upon Request." This statement isnít really necessary. If the company wants references, theyíll ask for them. Itís up to you to make sure you have a list prepared. Always take copies of your reference list (as well as extra résumés) with you to the interview. Youíll impress the interviewer as being someone who is well organized and prepared.

Line up your references ahead of time!
When Should I Send References?
Only mail references when theyíve been requested, or if certain names on the list might be especially impressive to the reader. Otherwise, prepare your reference list and have copies of it available when you go on interviews. References often are requested during the initial interview, assuming mutual interest has been established.

Whom Should I Include On My Reference List?
Your current and former supervisors, colleagues, and even customers make good references. Be sure you contact each person in advance and ask if he/she would serve as a reference for you. Make sure you know what each person will say about you if contacted by a potential employer.

You may want to include different people on your list if youíre searching for work in more than one field. For example, certain people may be in a position to recommend your technical skills, while others may know your managerial capabilities. Be sure to provide copies of your résumé for each person on your reference list.

How Many People Should Be On My List?
Include at least three business references. Itís fine to include two or three personal references, perhaps a good friend, long-time neighbor, or someone from your church.

What Information Should Be Included?
Be sure to provide complete information. Name, address, zip code, and telephone number with area code. If you provide a business address, be sure to specify "home" or "office" phone number. If a reference name could be either male or female (e.g., Chris), itís best to either spell out the whole name (Christina), or put a title in front of each name on the list (Mr. or Ms.) so the person will know how to address your reference.

Printed Pages will prepare your reference list and maintain it on computer file with your résumé, so updating is quick and economical. Donít wait until the interview has been scheduled. Stop in, call, or e-mail today to take care of this important step in the job search process.

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